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Welcome to the Bethany Educational Society Family

Experience the exciting life at Bethany first hand! The degree of success a student enjoys, during the academic year depends upon his willingness to work hard on academic assignments and participate in the programmes and activities which the Academy offers. On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Faculty, and the Staff, I welcome you to a profitable and enjoyable experience.

- The Principal

Bethany Educational Society is an ICSE / ISC Residential School based on Christian Values and committed to the development of the Whole Person. Eligibility for admission is determined after a review of an applicant's moral character, academic record, and willingness to comply with the standards and values of the Academy.

    Bethany Educational Society
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At A Glance

  • Excellent Results in Board Examinations
  • Remedical Classes for all Students from 3.00pm onwards
  • Experienced Staff with Digital Teaching
  • Moderate School Fees
  • Modern Laboratories for Biology,Chemistry,Computer,Englisg and Physics
  • Number of Students Limited in Each Class
  • No Capitation Fee for Admission or Appointment
  • Abacus Education Course
  • Free Computer Education from Nursery
  • Emphasis Given to Curricular,Extra-Curricular Activities and value based Education
  • Free Swimming & Basketball Coaching
  • Well Stocked Library
  • School-Bus for Day-Students
  • Boarding Available From K.G Onwards
  • Situated in Calm and Serene Atmosphere


Located among timbered foothills, the Academy campus offers a peaceful and natural environment for learning. The beautiful countryside and open fields that surround the Academy also provide a fine setting for sports and outdoor recreation.

MD's Message

In Bethany Educational Society, we believe that every child is a precious gift from God. We consider each and every child entrusted to us, to mentor, as special and exceptional. It is our belief that every child deserves an excellent education in a pleasant ambience that is both, child - friendly and eco-friendly